Provision of Cameras and related accessories


Страна: Ливан
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Дата публикации: 06-04-2017
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Provision of Cameras and related accessories
United Nations Secretariat
20-Apr-2017 00:00
The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has a mandate to support the implementation of the Security Council Resolution 1701. As part of the Mission’s support programme, UNIFIL is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from fully qualified companies wishing to be considered for inclusion in a tender for the following: Provision of Cameras and related accessories The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has a requirement for the provision of cameras and related accessories such as: Batteries, Lens, Filters, Memory card, camera bag, recorder, etc. The Products shall be delivered to UNIFIL HQ Naqoura, South Lebanon based on delivery terms Delivered at Place (DAP INCOTERMS 2010). UNIFIL will undertake a competitive bidding exercise shortly and consider inviting those companies that have expressed their interest and provided initial relevant information as to their ability to fulfill UNIFIL’s requirement. Please note, this is not an invitation for submission of a price quotation. Responding to this Request 1. Interested companies must complete the Vendor Response Form and return it to the attention of UNIFIL Chief Procurement Officer. Your response must be submitted not later than 04:00 PM Eastern European Time (Local time in Lebanon) on 20 April 2017, via (a) E-mail to; or (b) Facsimile to +961 1 925022. 2. Vendor Response Forms must be completed in full and supported by the requested information providing the evidence of the company’s ability to satisfy UNIFIL"s requirement. The UNIFIL reserves the right to reject Expressions of Interest documents that are incomplete, or are received after the stated deadline. 3. Companies that are not registered with UMGM cannot be included in the List of Invitees. Only those companies that are registered at Level 1 would be eligible for award of contract pertaining to this requirement. Registration with UNGM (WWW.UNGM.ORG) is free of charge and mandatory for all companies wishing to participate in the UN solicitations.
Chief Procurement Officer
Chief Procurement Officer
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